AINEA is the name that Italian children, call unknown things they are afraid. Dont be different!

AINEA presented the first autumn / winter 2013/14 women's collection to Italian buyers: the debut is represented by a collection of very specific outerwear and clothing, focused on one of the milestones of the Lanificio Becagli, the faux fur. In fact, each season will take care of recovering and innovating one of the manufacturing treasures of the Lanificio Becagli textile laboratories, entering the DNA of the raw material to completely overturn the structure to give it new meanings and unexpected aesthetic results. Finally, AINEA is based on a production and packaging capacity that is all Made in Italy, with revolutionary production and delivery techniques and delivery times compared to the classic seasonal patterns of the past, whether it be stylistic or ready-to-wear. The goal is to mix the cards of the game and to meet the new needs of the market.

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