The Attic and Barn brand was founded in Treviso in 2010 from an idea conceived by Michela and Alessandro Biasotto after consulting the vintage archives in the suggestive Filanda Motta in Campocroce, located in the Treviso municipality of Mogliano Veneto. The extraordinary archives that inspired the couple preserved over 60,000 pieces dating back to the end of the nineteenth and the first half of the twentieth century.

The irresistible and timeless charm of those clothes influenced the couple to create a new line of clothing, Attic and Barn, in which vintage patterns and silhouettes are reinterpreted in a modern and immediately recognizable style.

Attic and Barn, began its journey as a brand that exclusively produced printed silk garments. In the following years it expanded its product line, offering in a short period of time a complete total look of footwear, bags and accessories.

Attic and Barn has evolved from season to season thanks to the use of refined processing techniques and the constant search for new styles and trends, with current distribution within Europe and many important international showcase windows.

Its strategic sales and commercial intuitions, combined with personal taste and style and company management experience, help shape the Attic and Barn brand today into one that meets the needs of a constantly evolving market.

In addition to the showrooms in Milan and Paris, the brand relies on the close collaboration of an international network of constantly expanding sales agents and distributors that are capable of maximizing the quality of the brand.