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Giada Benincasa is a range of luxury ready-to-wear and knitwear born from the passion and experience of its namesake founder and designer, driven by a style vision rich in glamor, color and creativity, and deeply rooted in the quality and sophistication of Made in Italy. The project stems from the innate aesthetic sensibility of Milanese-born Giada Benincasa who, after years of experience in the family textile business, decided to channel her quirky, cosmopolitan style to launch a limited edition of precious cashmere shawls before going on to debut with the Giada Benincasa brand in November 2013. A love of precious yarns and tailoring-inspired materials meets with a passion for soft and versatile shapes, to create a range of exclusive pieces that mix timeless elegance with a contemporary twist, dedicated to women who love fashion but above all look for elegance, versatility and originality in their wardrobe. With the support of managers Giovanni Battista Vacchi and Michele Calvani, Giada Benincasa began her project with a capsule collection, featuring the brand's core business of knitwear, before later adding jackets and trousers to complete the range. The style and individuality of the original jacquard weaves, which translate into colorful designs and ornate patterns on knitwear and outerwear.