Maria Jesus Gozalvo creates women shoes for their real lives, - to walk down the street, dance in the night or office wear-

“I never take a shoe out of our atelier without trying it on myself”
Maria Jesus Gozalvo, Founder and Creative Director from Lola Cruz

It all started in 2004 by Maria Jesus Gozalvo, a creative women, who inherited his father ́s passion for the world of shoes and legacy of creating a brand that became a dream come true.

She launched her first collection in 2000. This collection with 30 designs represented the powerful women she had around her life.

Lola Cruz combines a trendy design with impecable luxury craftsmanship to create must- have shoes. Creations that inspire authenticity, evolution, freedom and femininity.

Lola Cruz is a strong woman who encourage a way of living, an infinite passion. She represents sensuality and sophistication. A woman who loves fashion but doesn’t forget the essence and attitude that make it unique.