Mother of Pearl is a luxury womenswear brand that celebrates individuality and authenticity. Based in East London, the brand takes an often humorous approach to print and design; masculine silhouettes fused with luxe fabrications and feminine detailing define its DNA. Ultimately, Mother of Pearl creates clothing that strikes a balance between the casual and luxury: effortless fashion, which can be elevated to be special enough for any occasion.

Amy Powney was appointed Creative Director of Mother of Pearl in 2016 and went on to develop a complete range of ready-to-wear, handbags and accessories. Powney draws on references from her childhood in the North of England and is inspired by the strength and real femininity of the women who surrounded her, as well as the sportswear trends so prevalent throughout her teenage years in the 90s and early 2000s. Powney often looks to important social photographers and fashion photography from the same era to inform her designs.

Sustainability has been a lifelong passion of Powney’s and since being at the helm of brand she has been on a mission for Mother of Pearl to be ethically conscious in all that we do, journeying to find the best factories, suppliers and farmers who care about the planet and its inhabitants as much as us. To us, sustainability is a mindset and present throughout Mother of Pearl; our studio is a plastic bottle free zone, we use an eco energy supplier and a group lunch scheme, using locally sourced produce reduces our plastic consumption and waste.

Our No Frills line launching in September is created with the mindset of field to finished garment, tracing our supply chain. Our cotton is certified organic and produced in the same country as it is grown, reducing our excess plastic packaging and minimising our carbon footprint. Denim is known to waste a lot of water in its production process, but we found a factory that uses the minimal amount of water, which is then cleaned and recycled. We source wool from South America to ensure the animals are treated well and respected. All the factories and suppliers we work with are socially responsible and adhere to the highest working standards.

No Frills is the beginning of our long term mindset to apply our learnings to the full Mother of Pearl collection. Our goal is for sustainable fashion to be the norm, not the exception.