No17 Therapy

Behind the brand you will find two passionated souls, Mille & Bo - who, together with their daughter, Mynte live at the North coast, Tisvildeleje.
When living at the coast with the forest in the backyard one come to love the nature and all the goodness that it brings into your home. To us it means raw power at the windy and rainy days. It means stillness when walking throung a sunny forest. But most of all it means humbleness. And brings perspective.
After living almost 20 year in the hectic Capital of Copenhagen we found peace and recreational moments in a more subtle and calm life. And this quiet and more easy life we would like more people to get a share of. Of course that dosen’t mean that you have to move your entire family to the coastline - we will try to bring the calmness to you - whereever you are and what you do.
No17 Therapy is founded on the principles of nature's own luxury. All our products are certified organic and delicate handmade so that you can enhance and enjoy even your smallest recreational moments. It’s our hope that our series of products will make you feel more relaxed and balanced. At No17 Therapy we belive that the very best you can do for yourself is to take care of yourself. Because only when doing that - you can do good to others. And that is why our saying is:
Be the kind of person you wanna meet.