Treasure Atelier

Treasure Atelier Copenhagen is a Copenhagen-based fashion brand launched in 2020 by Tina Lundtoft

With Tinas mindset to always be professional, curious, and look for new exciting oppourtunities, creating Treasure Atelier Copenhagen has been a dream come trough.

With her knowledge and experience within in the industry, Tina realized that the most important investment in a woman’s wardrobe is long lasting pieces. Quality styles made with focus on being as sustainable as possible and very important non-seasonal. Focus is also higher mark up for retailers – and not compromising on quality.

The first collection (collection 1) is a 7 piece cashmere collection. Focused on long-term fashion items, working across all seasons – 12 months a year, aspiring to fit perfectly in every womans basic wardrobe essentials and be among her favorite stable pieces.

The second collection (collection 2) – is a 9 piece shirt collection in white and light blue – your go to shirt in the closet – made in Egyptian cotton – and will last forever – also working across all seasons.

The third collection (collection 3) is a 18 piece sport/fashion collection – the perfect styles to complete a look in a sporty way – detailed sweatshirts in bamboo fabric – Egyptian cotton t-shirts with fresh look – and the waterproof nylon fabric that keeps you dry – and not to forget your everyday legging in soft stretch fabric.