No17 Therapy Oil Scent Box

No17 Therapy Oil Scent Box

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For essential oils

Drip your favourite No17 Therapy aroma Oil directly on the lavastones in our special made suede box. Lava stones works magnificent with essential oil because of the porous qualities of the stones.

When “starting” up the Scent Box use 6-7 drops of No17 Therapy aroma oil.
After that you can refresh the scent by adding just a few drops whenever needed.
The No17 Therapy Scent Box is suitable for small rooms e.g. bathrooms and bedrooms where you want a more subtle scent ambiance.
If you want to change the scent wash the stones in hot water - let them dry, and then add a new different scent.

Keep the stones away from small children!
Please note that No17 Therapy Scent Box comes without No17 Therapy aroma oil.