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no17 Therapy

No17 Therapy Quiet Sunset Oil


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Mandarin & Ylang Ylang
With this mix of essential oils we have created a calming scent with fresh, yet warm stimulating mandarin oil. The calming properties from dry, floral Rosewood will make you relax and help you to ground, while the joy stimulating properties from ylang ylang will help you focus upon happiness and gratitude. Uplifting Lime and Bergamot will help you to “end your day” with a scent of ‘energy’ and rejoy.
This little bottle contains no less than “The perfect ending on a perfect day” - the sun setting slowly but inevitably.

Quiet Sunset aroma oil is made from pure ingredients. Shake the bottle well and apply a few drops into a suitable aroma burner mixed with water. Or use the aromaoil directly on cold lavastones. 

No17 Therapy Aroma oil comes in a special made box. Practical if you want to restore it - or you can use the box for other small items.
Contains 20 ml.
Shipping to Denmark: from 59 kr.
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