Born in Tenerife and raised in Berlin during a time of significant cultural change across Germany, Lin Beeser has always known how to flourish regardless of circumstance or limitation. A chance discussion with a family friend would inspire her to pursue a degree at the prestigious Central St. Martin’s College of Art & Design. This accomplishment would mark the beginning of her ascent into the wider world, securing professional placements in New York, Milan and London over several years with a mix of international brands. Every beginning has an end, and it wasn’t long before Lin chose to found NIL+MON together with her sister and subsequently present her debut womenswear collection.

NIL+MON identifies its purpose as a means of offering unique garments which proudly convey a marriage of authenticity, exclusivity, a distinct signature and perhaps most importantly, unconditional passion. Fine quality materials, a unique play in construction and craftsmanship each jostle for center ground. The design process begins with Lin focusing on a particular idea, which she then proceeds to develop, sample and style entirely for herself, rarely making sketches and opting to hand over her first piece directly to production.

Every style has its story. When it comes to manufacturing, their staff are set the ambitious task of ensuring that the bulk is identical to the original… or even better! One thing is certain; each piece is consistently created with the same love and care as the prototype.